Monitoring a Cloud Bigtable Instance

The Google Cloud Platform Console provides several ways to monitor your Cloud Bigtable instance. You can view information about any of the following metrics:

  • Data stored: The amount of data stored in the instance's cluster. This metric reflects the fact that Cloud Bigtable compresses your data when it is stored.
  • Read requests: The number of random reads and scan requests per second.
  • Write requests: The number of write requests per second.
  • Read bandwidth: The number of uncompressed bytes per second that were read.
  • Write bandwidth: The number of uncompressed bytes per second that were written.
  • Error rate: The percentage of all requests that failed on the Cloud Bigtable server side.
  • CPU usage: The amount of CPU being used ("Cluster CPU usage") and the maximum amount of CPU available ("Cluster CPU limit").
  • Disk load: The total utilization of HDD disks across all of the nodes in the instance's cluster. Available only for HDD clusters.

You can view each of these metrics over a period ranging from the past 1 hour to the past 30 days.

To view metrics for a Cloud Bigtable instance:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  2. Open the list of your existing instances.
  3. Click the name of the instance you want to view. The Cloud Platform Console displays a chart showing the amount of data stored over the past four days. If there is no data available for this time period, the chart will be empty.

    To view a different metric, click Data stored and choose the metric you want to view.

    To view a different time period, click one of the time periods above the top of the chart.

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