Installing the Cloud SDK for Cloud Bigtable

As an alternative to the Google Cloud Platform Console, you can use the Google Cloud SDK to manage your Cloud Bigtable instances. This page explains how to install the required components of the Cloud SDK.

First, if you haven't already, install the Cloud SDK's gcloud command-line tool. Then run the following command to install or update the Cloud SDK's beta component:

gcloud components update beta

Next, set a default project for the gcloud command-line tool, replacing [PROJECT_ID] with the appropriate value:

gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID]

Once the beta component is installed, you can use the Cloud SDK's tools for Cloud Bigtable. Each command for working with Cloud Bigtable begins with gcloud beta bigtable instances or gcloud beta bigtable clusters. You can get help for each command by using the --help flag:

gcloud beta bigtable instances --help  # help for all commands
gcloud beta bigtable instances create --help  # help for the `create` command

The same help information is also available in the gcloud tool's reference documentation.

You're now ready to use the gcloud tool to complete the following tasks:

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