Protected Resource reports

This page explains how to view prebuilt Protected Resource reports in BigQuery.

The Backup and DR Service provides prebuilt Protected Resource reports that are accessible in BigQuery. You can access these reports after you execute the prebuilt script in the same dataset where the logs are being routed through the log sink.

The protected resource logs provide information about the number of applications and virtual machines (VMs) protected in an appliance.

  • Last updated on: The timestamp when the protected resource information was last updated.
  • Resource name: The name of the resource.
  • Resource type: The type of resource, for example, Compute Engine instance, Google Cloud VMware Engine, file system, or database.
  • Hostname: The hostname associated with the resource.
  • Backup plan policy template: The name of the backup template used to protect the application.
  • Protected on: The date when the resource was protected.
  • Recovery point: The timestamp when the last successful backup was taken.
  • Protected data: The size of the protected data.
  • OnVault data: The size of data protected using OnVault pool.
  • Backup plan restrictions: The restrictions applied to a backup plan. The restrictions can be scheduler disabled, expiration disabled, snapshots disabled, streamsnap disabled, OnVault disabled, or process latest snapshot.
  • Backup inclusion or exclusion: The volumes or databases that are included or excluded for virtual machines or database instances.
  • Policy overrides: The policy overrides that are set at the backup template level.
  • Appliance name: The name of the appliance associated with the resource.
  • Remote appliance: The remote appliance where the backup is replicated.
  • Source appliance: The source appliance where the backup is taken.

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