Move VM management between two backup/recovery appliances

The management console allows you to move the management of a VM from one backup/recovery appliance to a target appliance. This process moves management of that VM to the specified target backup/recovery appliance as defined in the Move Backup Plan window.

The movement of VM management between two appliances is limited to VMs located within the same vCenter or ESX host. Only appliances that manage VMs in the same vCenter or ESX host can be target appliances for backup plan movement. Those appliances are shown in the list of possible target appliances.

Move VM management to another appliance

Use these instructions to move a VM from one appliance to another appliance:

  1. Click App Manager and select Applications from the drop-down list.

    The Applications page opens.

  2. Select the VM that you want to move, then choose Move Backup Plan from the drop-down list at the bottom right corner of the window.

    The Move Backup Plan window opens. The VM you select can be managed or unmanaged. You can move a VM without first applying a backup plan to manage it.

  3. Choose the target appliance, resource profile, and policy template.

  4. Click Move Backup Plan.

    The moving backup message opens during the move.

    Once migration is complete, the migration complete message displays.

Rename a vCenter

If you change the name of a vCenter, then remember to rename the vCenter within the management console.

Use these instructions to rename a vCenter in management console:

  1. Click Manage and select Hosts.
  2. Find your vCenter host and select the Edit option.
  3. Update the Name field, and select Save.

Effect of changing the UUID of a VM.

If the UUID of a managed VM changes, then a new full copy occurs on the next backup job. This is because the UUID is a key identifier and a changed UUID could mean this is a totally new VM.

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