Manage Compute Engine instances

Use these instructions to apply a backup template and manage a Compute Engine instance:

  1. Click App Manager and select Applications from the drop-down menu.

    The Applications page opens.

  2. Filter applications by Compute Engine Instance.

  3. Select an unmanaged instance, and then select Manage Backup Plan from the drop-down list at the bottom right corner of the page.

    The Manage Backup Plan page opens.

  4. Select the following from the Template and Profile drop-down lists:

    • Template: An existing backup template that includes policies to define the snapshot or replication of the application data.
    • Profile: An existing resource profile that defines the resources used to store the data of the application as snapshot or replicated images.

    The Manage Backup Plan page shows a view of the policies assigned to the selected applications in the backup plan policy map. Data capture management comes from the template policies and profiles that you designed in the backup plans.

  5. Click Apply.

    The Apply Backup Plan page opens.

  6. Configure the instance's details as needed.

  7. Click Apply Backup Plan to apply the backup template and resource profile.

  8. Click Edit in the Volume Inclusion Rule section to include or exclude volumes for data capture.

    The Manage Volumes dialog opens.

    1. Under Eligible Volumes, configure the inclusion rule. You can select from Capture All Volumes, Capture Only Boot Volume, Include Selected Volumes, and Exclude Selected Volumes. The selected volumes are captured when the next scheduled job runs. For more information, see Specify individual Cloud instance volumes to protect.
    2. If there is a large number of volumes, use the search field to look up specific databases.
    3. Click Save to save the manage membership configuration.

    The application is not get captured until the scheduled job runs according to the hours of operations defined in the backup template. For example, if you assign a template at 10:00 AM with 2:00 am to 5:00 AM for the hours of operation, then the first job does not start until the appliance has an available job slot at 2:00 AM of the following day. To run a job immediately, see perform an on-demand capture.

  9. To change backup plan settings for the application, see Modify backup plan management of a managed application.

  10. To disable the backup plan, see Remove backup plan management of an application.

  11. Click Save Changes.

Specify individual Cloud instance volumes to protect

You can choose which volumes of a Cloud Instance to protect using the following options:

  • Capture all volumes: Captures the boot volume and all volumes in the Cloud instance. Any newly added volumes are captured when they are detected. This is the default selection.
  • Capture boot volume: Captures only the boot volume and excludes all other volumes.
  • Include Selected Volumes: Captures the selected volumes in the Cloud instance. Volumes added after this rule is saved are not included for capture process, they are excluded until a new rule includes them.
  • Exclude Selected Volumes: Excludes the selected volumes from being included in the capture process. Volumes added after this rules is saved are included in the capture process until a new rule excludes them.

The Backup and DR Compute Engine guide