Mount a backup image

Once an application or VM is captured, its data can be mounted. A mount operation can be performed for local images or remote images.

The management console supports two types of mounts:

  • Standard Mounts: This allows you to mount just the data captured from an application. The mounted data can then be used by its associated application type. A mounted image can be used directly from the mounted host or you can restore selected files or directories from it. The original image is never modified, even if the mounted image is modified or deleted.
  • Application Aware Mounts: This allows you to mount captured databases as virtual applications. This allows you to quickly access a database without having to import mounted data to the application. Consistency groups that contain databases can be mounted together in an application aware mount. Application aware mounts allow you to address the unique challenges associated with creating and managing copies of production databases for non-production use. Application aware mounts are performed from the backup/recovery appliance and do not require manual intervention by database, server, or storage administrators. Application aware mounts can be used for such things as database reporting, analytics, integrity testing, and test and development.