Apply a backup plan to protect a file system

You manage a mapped file system by assigning a resource profile and a template to it.

To apply a backup plan to a file system:

  1. Click the App Manager tab and select the Applications option from the drop-down list. The Applications page opens.

  2. Select the file system that you want to manage, and then choose Manage Backup Plan from the drop-down list at the bottom right corner of the page. The Manage Backup Plan page opens.

  3. Choose from the Template and Profile drop-down lists:

    • Template. An existing backup template that includes policies to define the snapshot or replication of the application data.
    • Profile. An existing resource profile that defines the resources used to store the data of the application as snapshot or replicated images.

    The Manage Backup Plan page shows a view of the policies assigned to the selected applications in the backup plan policy map. Data capture management comes from the template policies and profiles that you designed in the backup plans.

  4. From the backup template page make the following changes prior to applying a backup plan:

    • Application Settings. Apply application-specific settings when managing a file system application data capture. Application settings may be useful or required in certain circumstances. See Configure application settings to protect file system data for details.

    • Policy Overrides. Override specific policy settings previously configured in the selected backup template. Advanced settings may be useful or required in certain circumstances. See Configure policy overrides for details.

  5. Click Apply Backup Plan to apply the backup template and resource profile. A success message opens.

  6. Click Okay.

    The application may not get backed up until the scheduled job runs according to the hours of operations defined in the backup template. For example, if at 10:00 you assign a template that has hours of operation from 02:00 to 05:00, then the first job will not start until the appliance has an available job slot at 02:00 of the following day. To run a job immediately, see perform an on-demand capture.

    To change backup plan settings for the application, see Modify backup plan management of a managed application. To disable a backup plan, see Removing backup plan management of an application.

The File System Administrator Guide to Backup and DR Service

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