Discover and protect the Oracle database application

There are two parts to getting your Oracle databases started with Backup and DR, adding the Oracle server host to the management console, and then discovering the Oracle databases.

Add the host

Add the host to the management console. If the host is already added, then edit the host and make sure to set all the configurations correctly.

  1. Click Manage > Hosts, then click + Add Host.

  2. On the Add Host page complete the following:

    • Name: Provide the database server name.

    • IP Address: Provide the database server IP and click the plus sign (+).

    • Appliances: Select the check box for the appliance.

    • Host Type: Make sure this is Generic.

  3. Click Add to add the host. The host is added.

  4. Right-click the host and select Edit.

  5. Leave the Staging Disk Format as Block.

  6. Enter the username and password that you set up previous in Application Discovery Credentials.

  7. Select Save.

Discover and protect the Oracle database application

Use these instructions to discover and protect the database applications:

  1. Click App Manager > Applications, then select Add Application.

  2. Select Oracle in the Add Application wizard.

  3. Follow the wizard. In the Select section, select the database to back up, and then in the Manage section, apply the policy template and the resource profile that you created in Define policy templates and resource profiles.

  4. To protect the database logs, see Database log protection in a backup plan policy.

  5. Click Application Settings in the Configure section.

  6. Select the backup capture method based on your needs and the information in Protect the Oracle environment against data loss, errors, and corruption in the Application Settings window.

    In the Application Settings tab, you can change application-specific settings.

  7. Click Save, then Next, then Finish.

  8. You can see the database in the App Manager Applications list with a green shield indicating that the backup plan has been applied.

The application may not be captured until the scheduled job runs according to the hours of operation defined in the backup template. For example, if at 10:00 (UTC) you assign a template that has hours of operation from 02:00 (UTC) to 05:00 (UTC), then the first job doesn't start until the appliance has an available job slot at 02:00 (UTC) of the following day. To run a job immediately, perform an on-demand capture.

You don't have to apply a backup plan right now. If you want to perform this step later, see Back up a discovered Oracle database.

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