Deploy Backup and DR

Before you begin

There are important preparation steps to take before beginning deployment. Before you begin, be sure to read and follow the procedures in:

Enable Backup and DR


  1. In the Google Cloud console, click Menu.

  2. Select Operations > Backup and DR.

  3. Click Enable. The Setup Backup and DR wizard opens. You can take a look at the video if you want guidance in completing the process.

  4. In the Activate the management console section, complete the following:

    1. Select the Location where you want to the management console to be located. This is the Google Cloud region, see Supported regions.

    2. Select a VPC network.

    3. If your project does not have a Private service connection set up, then a wizard opens to guide you in setting one up.

    4. Click Continue.

  5. In the Deploy your first backup/recovery appliance section, complete the following:

    1. In Appliance name, enter a name for the appliance. The name must start with a lowercase letter and can contain up to 23 characters. The appliance name can only contain lowercase letters, numeric characters, and dashes (-). Spaces are not allowed.

    2. Select the Target project where you want to deploy your backup/recovery appliance.

    3. Select the Region and Zone where you want your backup/recovery appliances to be located. This is the Google Cloud region and zone, see Supported regions.

    4. Select Subnetwork. This is displayed based on the selected region and zone.

    5. Select the Backup/recovery appliance type based on the workload that you want to back up.

    6. Select a Storage type to store backups. This option is displayed only if you select the Backup/recovery appliance type as Basic for databases, VMware VMs, & other resources.

    7. Click Set up.

    You are redirected to the status page. This can take about one hour to complete.

  6. When the deployment is complete, click Log in to the management console and the management console opens in a new window.

  7. If you want to deploy a second appliance, click Deploy another backup/recovery appliance.


You can use the following Terraform resource links to deploy a management console and backup/recovery appliance:

Protect workloads

Now that you have enabled Backup and DR Service, you can start exploring the management console and protect workloads.

Use these instructions to protect Compute Engine instances:

  1. Learn about Cloud credentials.

  2. Assign required roles and permission.

  3. Define a backup plan.

  4. Discover and protect Compute Engine instances

Protect databases and file systems within VMs

  1. Add your hosts and discover applications on your hosts.

  2. Install the Backup and DR agent on the hosts.

  3. Ensure firewall rules are set.

  4. Define a backup plan.

  5. Apply backup plan to the discovered applications