Create Backup and DR Workflows for IBM Db2, SAP ASE, and SAP MaxDB databases

You can use a Backup and DR Workflow to automate the process of mounting and refreshing a database instance's databases from a backup image.

  1. Click App Manager, then right-click the instance and select Manage Workflows.
  2. Click + Add Workflow.
  3. Complete the following information.

    • Workflow Name: Enter a name for this Backup and DR Workflow.
    • Workflow Type: Select Direct Mount.
    • Schedule Type: Choose Scheduled or On Demand based on your requirement. For a scheduled Backup and DR Workflow, specify the frequency as well.
    • Source Image: Select based on requirements.
    • Mount Label: Optionally, specify a mount label for the mounted image.
    • Hosts: Select the target host or hosts where the virtual Db2 instance databases copy are created.
    • Mount Location: Specify a mount point to mount the data volumes and log volumes of the target.
    • Pre-Script: Optionally, specify a prescript name to be run before refresh.
    • Post-Script: Optionally, specify a postscript name to be run at the end of refresh.
    • Create New Virtual Application: Enable Create New Virtual Application.
    • Select Items: Select the databases to refresh on target and specify the target dbname from Database Options for each database.
    • If you see Target Instance User and Password, enter credentials for the target instance.
    • TARGET INSTANCE NAME: If target instance is visible, then select it, otherwise specify the target instance name.
    • Manage New Application: Enable Manage New Application.
    • Template: Choose a template to protect the database.
    • Profile: Choose a profile.
  4. Click Add to create an on-demand or scheduled Backup and DR Workflow to create or refresh the instance's databases virtual copy.