Backup and DR product documentation

In the upper right corner of every page of the management console, the ? icon opens a menu of help and other resources:

  • Help: This brings you to the page in the product documentation that most closely reflects your location within the management console. For example, if you click the Help from the dashboard, the management console dashboard page opens. If you click Help while editing a backup plan, the Manage backup plans page opens.

  • API Documentation: This opens the API reference documentation.

  • Videos: This selection brings you to the How-to videos page with six helpful overview videos.

  • About: This selection shows you the current version of the management console. It also includes a Third Party Licenses link to download a zipped file of the license information for third-party software used in the Backup and DR management console.

  • Guided Tour: The Guided Tour brings you on a 10-step graphic tour through the management console.