Back up a discovered SAP HANA database and its logs

Use the following instructions to back up an SAP HANA database and its logs:

  1. Click App Manager > Applications and enter the database application name or use the filters to find the database that you need.

  2. Right-click the application and select Manage Backup Plan.

  3. On the Manage Backup Plan page, select a template and a profile and click Apply Backup Plan.

  4. The Apply Backup Plan dialog opens. Assign policy overrides and change application settings as needed.

  5. You can wait for the job to run during the period scheduled in the backup plan, or you can run the job at the next opportunity by clicking on the desired job and selecting Run Now.

  6. The job runs as soon as the scheduler has an opening, often immediately. You can go to the Jobs Monitor to view the progress and details of the job.

The Backup and DR SAP HANA DBA guide

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