App Engine Services Summary

App Engine Services Summary

Datastore: The Datastore is a schemaless object datastore, with a query engine and atomic transactions.

Blobstore API: The Blobstore API allows your app to serve data objects, called blobs, that are much larger than the size allowed for objects in the Datastore service.

Capabilities API: With the Capabilities API, your application can detect outages and scheduled downtime for specific API capabilities.

Images API: The Images API can resize, rotate, flip, and crop images. It can also enhance photographs using a predefined algorithm.

Mail API: The Mail API sends email messages on behalf of the app's administrators, and on behalf of users with Google Accounts. Apps can receive email at various addresses.

Memcache: Memcache is a distributed in-memory data cache to be used in front of or in place of robust persistent storage for some tasks.

Namespace: The Namespaces feature allows you to implement multitenancy in your applications.

OAuth: OAuth is a protocol that allows a user to grant a third party limited permission to access a web application on her behalf, without sharing her credentials (username and password) with the third party.

Task Queue API: The Task Queue API allows applications to perform work initiated by a user request, outside of that request.

URL Fetch API: The URL Fetch API allows applications to fetch resources and communicate with other hosts over the Internet using HTTP and HTTPS requests.

Users API: The Users API allows applications to authenticate users who have Google Accounts or accounts on your own Google Workspace domain.