Building a Python App on App Engine

Use this guide to learn the basics of developing and deploying Python web services to the App Engine standard environment.

In this guide, you iterate through building and deploying versions of a web service, starting from a static page and building up to a personalized web page that shows authenticated users their name, their email, and their recent site request times.

The following tasks demonstrate the basic developer flow for creating that web service using Firestore in Datastore mode (Datastore) data storage and Firebase authentication:

  1. Creating your Google Cloud project

    Learn how to create a Google Cloud project and then set up the App Engine resources for your web service.

  2. Writing your web service

    Learn how to write and locally test a basic web service, and then define the configuration files that you need for deploying that web service to App Engine.

  3. Deploying your web service to App Engine

    Learn how to deploy your Python code and then view your web service running on App Engine.

  4. Handling Data

    Learn how to use Datastore to store and retrieve data about site requests.

  5. Adding Firebase to your web service

    Learn how to add Firebase to your Google Cloud project and web service.

  6. Authenticating users with Firebase

    Learn how to use Firebase Authentication to verify user credentials, serve user information, and allow data access.

  7. Personalizing data for authenticated users

    Learn how to use authentication to personalize data storage and retrieval for authenticated users.

  8. Cleaning up

    Learn how to clean up your project and avoid the possibility of incurring charges for resources you aren't using.

This guide assumes that you are already familiar with Python, the Flask framework, and basic web development.


Running this sample app alone does not exceed the free quotas. You will be charged only if you exceed those quotas, for example, by running other samples and adding other services to the same Google Cloud project.

Let's get started!

Create your Google Cloud project and set up the App Engine resources.