Node.js 12 is now generally available.

Creating Your Project

To deploy your app on App Engine, you must create a Google Cloud project, which is a top level container that holds your App Engine application resources as well as other Google Cloud resources.

In this task, you create a Cloud project and an App Engine application to store settings, computing resources, credentials, and metadata for your app.

If you already have a Cloud project with App Engine enabled, continue to Writing Your Web Service.

Creating a Cloud project

Use the Cloud Console to create the required resources for your app:

  1. Create a new Cloud project in the Cloud Console:

    Go to the console

  2. Enter a name for your Cloud project and click Create.

    Remember the project ID, shown under the Project name field. The project ID is important because it is used to identify your project to the Google Cloud tools.

  3. Enable App Engine for your Cloud project:

    Enable App Engine

  4. Select a region where you want your app's computing resources located.

    After you create your App Engine app, you cannot change the region. To reduce latency, choose the region closest to your app's intended users. For more information on the available regions, see App Engine Locations.

  5. Enable billing for your project.

Next steps

Now that your Cloud project is set up, you're ready to write a basic web service with Node.js.