Creating Your Google Cloud Platform Project

To deploy your app to App Engine, you must create a Google Cloud Platform project and your App Engine application resources.

The GCP project is a top-level container that holds your App Engine application and other GCP resources.

The App Engine application is a resource that you must create to enable App Engine. The App Engine application resource defines the region in which you want to run your web service and store its related settings, credentials, and metadata. Only a single App Engine application resource can be created per GCP project and the specified region cannot be changed after those resources are created.

If you already have a GCP project with App Engine enabled, you can continue to Writing Your Web Service.

Creating a GCP project

To create a GCP project and your App Engine resources using the Cloud SDK:

  1. Install and initialize the Cloud SDK. When prompted, select Create a new project. If you already have the SDK installed, you can create a project by running gcloud projects create PICK_A_NAME.
  2. Run the following gcloud command to enable App Engine and create the associated application resources. Note that the location you select cannot be changed later.
    gcloud app create
  3. Make sure that billing is enabled for your project.

    Learn how to enable billing

    Tip: Running only the sample app in this topic does not exceed the free quotas. You will be charged only if you exceed those quotas, for example, by running other samples and adding other services to the same GCP project.

App Engine locations

App Engine is regional, which means the infrastructure that runs your apps is located in a specific region and is managed by Google to be redundantly available across all the zones within that region.

Meeting your latency, availability, or durability requirements are primary factors for selecting the region where your apps are run. You can generally select the region nearest to your app's users but you should consider the location of the other GCP products and services that are used by your app. Using services across multiple locations can affect your app's latency as well as pricing.

App Engine is available in the following regions:

  • northamerica-northeast1 (Montréal)
  • us-central (Iowa)
  • us-west2 (Los Angeles)
  • us-east1 (South Carolina)
  • us-east4 (Northern Virginia)
  • southamerica-east1 (São Paulo)
  • europe-west (Belgium)
  • europe-west2 (London)
  • europe-west3 (Frankfurt)
  • europe-west6 (Zürich)
  • asia-northeast1 (Tokyo)
  • asia-northeast2 (Osaka)
  • asia-east2 (Hong Kong)
  • asia-south1 (Mumbai)
  • australia-southeast1 (Sydney)

You cannot change an app's region after you set it.

If you already created an App Engine application, you can view the region by running the gcloud app describe command or opening the App Engine Dashboard in the GCP Console. The region of your App Engine application is listed under http://[YOUR_PROJECT_ID]

Next steps

Now that your GCP project is set up, you're ready to write a basic web service.

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