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Google Cloud for manufacturing

Google Cloud helps manufacturers achieve their digital transformation goals with secure, data-driven solutions that reshape product development, factory-floor operations, and customer experiences.

  • ASML
  • ABInBev
  • Ford
  • GE Appliances
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • LG CNS
  • Renault
  • UPS
  • Samsung


Helping manufacturers solve key use cases

Take a deep dive on use cases across sub-industries: automotive, energy, electronics, and semiconductors.

Deliver next generation digital customer experience and speed up product development

Drive predictive marketing, digital commerce, and innovation across your business.

Contact Center AI combines the best of Google AI with contact center software, improving customer experience as well as operational efficiency.

Provide Google-quality search and recommendations on their own digital properties.

Optimize manufacturing operations and supply chains

Add edge to cloud data visibility across manufacturing operations to optimize production at scale.

Visual AI automates product defect detection with high accuracy enabling manufacturers to improve yield, reduce rework, and warranty costs.

Evolve your sustainable infrastructure at scale

Anthos is an open hybrid, multi cloud platform that enables consistency between on-premises and cloud environments, which accelerates application development.

SAP and Google Cloud enable advanced capabilities across your business, using insights to drive optimization, quality, and uptime.

Launch AI-enabled products and services, uncover new insights for innovation, and accelerate your engineering and design processes with high performance computing.

Build sustainable products on the greenest infrastructure

Google Cloud is the cleanest cloud in the industry to meet sustainability needs.
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Learn how Google Cloud helps you reduce your cloud carbon footprint with our new carbon reporting tools.
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Our partner ecosystem can help your company meet today’s business challenges by fostering innovation through digital transformation.