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Google Cloud for electronics & semiconductors

Innovate faster from chip design through the manufacturing value chain to optimize operational efficiency, improve yield, and drive revenue growth with our secure, agile, and intelligent solutions.

  • E-Silicon
  • Seagate
  • Kyocera
  • Broadcam
  • ASML
  • Motorola


Electronics and semiconductor solutions

Accelerate design and time to market

Infrastructure optimized for EDA

Accelerate end-to-end chip design cycle and increase test coverage using highly scalable EDA-optimized compute infrastructure powered by Compute Engine.

Optimized HPC VM images

Quickly launch VMs using pre-configured HPC VM images tuned to achieve optimal CPU and network performance for HPC workloads on Google Cloud.

High-performance scalable storage

Our native storage solutions help foundries and design teams provide advanced data management capabilities with high-throughput, low-latency object and file storage.

Increase user productivity

Foster collaboration and empower your globally distributed teams to accelerate chip design and production safely from anywhere with Google Workspace and Google Meet.

Improve performance, power, area, and yield

Increase production yield

Automate chip defect detection using Visual Inspection AI to identify faulty dies early and take action to allow process adjustment, reduce scrap, and improve yield.

Data-driven chip design and manufacturing flow

Use data-driven analytics insights from our smart analytics tools to optimize design workflows, reduce testing cycles, and improve manufacturing operations.

Unified AI/ML platform

Enable next-generation chip development and optimize production utilizing Google’s expertise in AI and machine learning solutions.

Drive operational efficiency

Minimize unexpected downtimes, reduce maintenance costs, and prolong equipment lifespan using predictive maintenance solutions for semiconductor foundries.

Leverage best-in-class security and reliability

Defense in depth

Google’s global-scale infrastructure protects billions of users with world-class security through your workloads’ storage and information processing life cycle.

Protect your IP

By default, Google Cloud encrypts your data stored at rest and in transit. Maximize data protection with CMEK and CSEK, Confidential Computing, Cloud HSM, and more.

Compliant cloud services

Google Cloud undergoes regular independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls in order to ensure we meet your regulatory requirements.

Highly available and reliable infrastructure

Our robust, highly available architecture has high-bandwidth connectivity, 25 regions, and 76 availability zones to deliver your services around the world.


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