Legacy Stackdriver

Since 2012, the original Stackdriver application has been the monitoring product of choice for many DevOps teams and engineers. On December 1, 2017 we closed the legacy Stackdriver application in favor of Google Stackdriver, which has been generally available since November 2016.

We closed the legacy application in order to focus our engineering efforts on maintaining and developing one great monitoring product, which has developed into a suite of ops-focused tools. While Google Stackdriver takes inspiration from the original "single pane of glass" approach to infrastructure monitoring, the new product has been refocused and rebuilt for better performance, reliability, and scalability. Today, users of Google Stackdriver can look beyond metrics to better aggregate their logs, debug their code, track latency in their application, and analyze errors.

To learn more about Google Stackdriver, please visit Google Stackdriver. To post questions to the community and our team, please visit our discussion forum.