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Monitoring defines the following groups of metrics. Click the links to see the individual metrics:

  • GCP Metrics List, metrics from Google Cloud Platform services such as Compute Engine and Google BigQuery.

  • Agent Metrics List, from VM instances running the Stackdriver agents.

  • AWS Metrics List, metrics from Amazon Web Services such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon CloudFront. These metrics are available only in Premium Tier Workspaces.

  • Metrics from external sources, from third-party applications, and user-defined metrics including custom metrics.

The information listed for each metric comes from the Monitoring API MetricDescriptor object for each metric type.

For more information about Stackdriver pricing, see Stackdriver Pricing and Workspaces.


The documentation for each metric type includes metadata about the metric. This data is presently available for GCP, Agent, AWS, and the metrics:

  • Launch stage: The launch stage of the metric type, given by a colored tag that precedes the metric's display name: GA, BETA, ALPHA, EARLY_ACCESS, or DEPRECATED. If no tag appears, then the launch stage is unspecified.

    Metric types in the Alpha or Early Access launch stages might not appear in the public lists of metrics. To get information about those metric types, call the Monitoring API directly using a GCP project that has been given permission to use the restricted metric types.

  • Sample Period: For metrics that are written periodically, this is the time interval between consecutive data points, excluding data loss due to errors. The period, if available, appears in a sentence at the end of the metric's description: "Sampled every __ seconds."

  • Ingest Delay: Data points older than this value are guaranteed to be available to be read, excluding data loss due to errors. The delay does not include any time spent waiting until the next sampling period. The delay, if available, appears in a sentence at the end of the metric's description: "After sampling, data is not visible for up to __ seconds."

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