Cloud Monitoring in the Cloud Console

By using Cloud Monitoring, you can answer important questions like the following:

  • Is my service healthy?
  • What is the load on my service?
  • Is my website up and responding correctly?
  • Is my service performing well?

For information about how Cloud Monitoring can help you answer these questions, see Introduction to Cloud Monitoring.

To explore Cloud Monitoring by using the Google Cloud Console, try the Quickstart for Compute Engine.

Getting started

To get started with Monitoring, do the following:

  1. Go to the Cloud Console:

    Go to Cloud Console

  2. Select an existing project or create a project.

  3. In the navigation panel, select Monitoring.

What's next

  • For guides about how to use Monitoring, see the How-to guides.

  • For information about pricing, quotas, and limits, see Resources.

  • For information about the supported metrics, how to enable the API, and how to use API Explorer, see APIs and reference.