Get started with Google Cloud

To start using Google Cloud Migration Center, you need to have a Google Account, and you need to create an organization and a project in Google Cloud. This page explains the different options you have to create a project.

Create a Google Account

To access Migration Center in the Google Cloud console, first you need a Google Account associated with your email address. This can be a Gmail address, or your organization's corporate address.

To create a Google Account using your existing email address, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Account sign up page.
  2. Enter your first and last name.
  3. Click Use my current email address instead.
  4. Enter your current email address, and specify a password.

    To avoid creating conflicting Google Accounts, ensure that you do not already have a Google Workspace or Google Apps account with this email address.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Google sends a verification code to your email address. Check your email and copy the verification code.

  7. On the email address verification page, enter the verification code, and then click Verify. This creates and verifies your account.

  8. To complete your account details, enter your phone number (optional), birth date, and gender, then click Next.

  9. Review the terms and conditions, and then click I Agree to complete your account creation.

Choose the right path

If you're new to Google Cloud, create a Google Cloud account and take advantage of the Free Trial and Google Cloud Free Tier products to get started with Google Cloud. You can use Migration Center to run a cost estimate and to create an assessment at no cost.

If you're working with a Google Cloud partner and want to perform an assessment, but don't have a Google Cloud organization, you have the following options:

  • Use your partner's organization. You can ask your Google Cloud partner to create a project for you in their Google Cloud organization.
  • Request an Enterprise Trial. You can ask your Google Cloud partner to obtain an Enterprise Trial for you. An Enterprise Trial provides you with a Google Cloud organization and project with no sign-up required, no payment card associated with the account, and with additional credits to start using other Google Cloud products.

If you already have an organization on Google Cloud, you can start using Migration Center immediately at no extra cost. You can create a new project to perform a cost estimation and run an assessment directly in Migration Center. You can also take advantage of a connected StratoZone account to perform additional assessments at no extra cost. If you need help and your organization policies allow, you can add your Google Cloud customer engineer to the project and let them handle the assessment.

Finally, if you already have an organization on Google Cloud, but cannot add your Google Cloud customer engineer due to your organization policies, request an Enterprise Trial.

The following diagram can help you decide the right path for you.

Enterprise Trials diagram

Add users to your project

To let other users access your Google Cloud project, for example if you want a Google customer engineer to help you with your assessment, grant them the roles required to manage the Migration Center resources:

  • Migration Center Admin (migrationcenter.admin)
  • Viewer (viewer)
  • Service Account Key Admin (iam.serviceAccountAdmin)

Learn how to grant a role in Google Cloud, or view more information on the permissions required to manage resources in Migration Center.

Additional users must create their own Google Account before you can add them to your project. If you encounter issues, see how to troubleshoot common login problems.

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