Cost estimation

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The cost estimation functionality in Google Cloud Migration Center lets you generate rapid offline cost estimates for running your workloads in Google Cloud, with default assumptions automatically applied for optimized configuration.

The estimates are generated based on Google Cloud best practices. Your actual cloud cost can be higher or lower than the generated estimate.


The cost estimation functionality includes the following cost calculators:

  • On-prem: Lets you generate a rapid cost estimate for migrating your on-premises infrastructure to Google Cloud. This calculator requires minimal inputs and even provides you with options to change the default assumptions that are used to calculate the estimate.
  • SAP: Lets you generate a rapid cost estimate for hosting your SAP workloads on Google Cloud. You can choose the pricing track, select the migration timespan, and choose applications and the application sizes to include in each deployment. These built-in sizes contribute in estimating your overall SAP system requirements, such as network bandwidth, physical memory, CPU power and I/O capacity, with minimal inputs.


Efficient estimation of your cloud cost
Migration Center quickly and efficiently estimates the costs of Google Cloud products and services that you need for moving your infrastructure, whether available on-premises or on other cloud providers, to Google Cloud.
Optimized configurations for your cloud setup
The default assumptions used to generate cost estimates recommend optimized configurations and estimate the total cost of ownership of running your workloads on Google Cloud.
Consistent cost estimates in an integrated migration environment
Generating estimates in an integrated Migration Center environment is the first step of your migration process to Google Cloud. Routing data through the cost estimation functionality within Migration Center gives a more consistent cost output that can be used to compare migration costs and evaluate different what-if scenarios.
Single tool to calculate the cost for running common Google Cloud services
When you're planning a migration, especially for very large projects like datacenter exits, Migration Center gives you the flexibility to specify more than just the infrastructure details such as CPU cores, memory, and storage. You can also select your workloads like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL server, or OS foundations like Windows or Linux which affect the estimated total cost.
Gauge the cost of migration spanning across 5 years
Another migration factor that Migration Center considers while generating the cost estimate is time. Migration waves take time to plan, schedule, and execute. Also, the advanced migration waves tend to take longer to execute than the initial wave. Gauging the cost spanning across 5 years provides a long-term projection and a more transparent cost.
Export and share your estimate results
Migration Center provides a streamlined interface from which you can enter and modify inputs, generate estimates, and export the cost estimate results.

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