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Distributed cloud overview

Extend Google Cloud infrastructure to the edge and into your data centers.

GKE Enterprise technical overview

Run modern apps anywhere consistently at scale, delivering manageable, scalable, reliable applications.

Hybrid and multicloud resources

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Hybrid and multicloud architecture patterns

Plan with best practices to build and deploy hybrid and multicloud architecture patterns. (Goes to Architecture Center.)

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Hybrid and Multicloud Architect Learning Path

Study managing container-based applications across multiple clouds, or between on-premises and cloud environments. (Goes to Skills Boost Training.)

Cloud Developer Learning Path

Study designing, building, analyzing, and maintaining cloud-native applications. (Goes to Skills Boost Training.)

Hybrid Connectivity and Network Management Learning Path

Study exploring and deploying Google Cloud networking technologies, such as common network design patterns, connectivity to Google Cloud VPC networks, and private connection options. (Goes to Skills Boost Training.)

Distributed, hybrid, and multicloud products by use case

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Distributed cloud

Extend Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge and into your data centers.

Google Distributed Cloud Hosted

A cloud service that manages the wireless communications of devices transmitting in the Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum (CBRS) band, in order to prevent harmful interference to higher priority users.

Google Distributed Cloud Edge

Run Google Kubernetes Engine clusters on dedicated hardware provided and maintained by Google that is separate from the Google Cloud data center.

Edge Appliance

Edge Appliance is a Google Cloud-managed, secure, high-performance appliance for edge locations. It provides local storage, ML inference, data transformation, and export.

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual for Bare Metal

With GKE on Bare Metal, create, manage, and upgrade Kubernetes clusters on your own hardware in your own data center.

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual for VMware

With GKE on VMware, create and manage Kubernetes clusters on hardware in your own data center, while using Google Cloud features.


Create and manage Kubernetes clusters from Google Cloud in both AWS and Azure cloud environments.

GKE Attached Clusters

Manage any standard, CNCF-compliant Kubernetes installation, including clusters in production. Add GKE Enterprise features to standardize and secure your clusters across multiple cloud environments and Kubernetes vendors.


Manage GKE clusters running on AWS infrastructure.

GKE on Azure

Manage GKE clusters running on Azure infrastructure.

Knative serving

Abstracts away the complexity of Kubernetes, making it easy to build and deploy your serverless workloads across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Fleet management

Simplify managing multi-cluster deployments, including clusters outside Google Cloud.

GKE Enterprise

Build and manage modern applications across on-premises and cloud environments.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications on Kubernetes, powered by Google Cloud.

Enterprise features

View the features included in each GKE tier - Standard and Enterprise.

Policy Controller

Check, audit, and enforce your clusters' compliance with policies related to security, regulations, or business rules.

Service Mesh

Monitor and manage a reliable service mesh on-premises or on Google Cloud.

Config Sync

Lets cluster operators and platform administrators deploy configurations from a source of truth.

Config Controller

Check, audit, and enforce your clusters' compliance with policies related to security, regulations, or business rules.

Cloud Interconnect

Extend your external network to the Google network through a high-availability, low-latency connection.

Service Directory

a flexible serverless development platform on Google Kubernetes Engine.