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Compute Engine

Virtual machines, disks, and networking

App Engine

Managed app platform

Kubernetes Engine

Managed Kubernetes

Shielded VMs

Hardened virtual machines

Cloud Functions

Event-driven serverless functions

AI and ML

AI Platform

AI Hub

Discover, share, and deploy AI on Google Cloud

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Advanced ML models

Cloud TPU

Specialized hardware for ML

Cloud Deep Learning VM Image

Preconfigured VMs for deep learning apps

BigQuery ML

ML models in BigQuery

Prepackaged Solutions

Cloud Talent Solution

Match job seekers to open positions

AI Building Blocks

Cloud AutoML

Easier custom ML models

Cloud Vision

Image recognition and classification

Cloud Video Intelligence

Scene-level video annotation

Cloud Natural Language

Text parsing and analysis

Cloud Translation

Language detection and translation

Cloud Speech-To-Text

Speech to text conversion

Cloud Text-To-Speech

Text to speech conversion

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition

Conversational user interfaces

Cloud Inference API

Large-scale correlations API

Data and analytics

Cloud Composer

Managed workflow orchestration service

Cloud Dataflow

Streaming or batch data processing

Cloud Datalab

Managed Jupyter notebooks

Cloud Dataprep

Data preparation for analysis

Cloud Dataproc

Managed Spark and Hadoop

Cloud Pub/Sub

Global real-time messaging

Google BigQuery

Data warehouse and analytics with built-in ML

Google Data Studio

Collaborative data exploration and dashboards

Google Genomics

Managed genomics platform


Cloud Bigtable

NoSQL wide-column database service

Cloud Datastore

Horizontally scalable document database

Cloud Firestore

Strongly-consistent serverless document database

Cloud Memorystore

Managed Redis

Cloud Spanner

Horizontally scalable relational database

Cloud SQL (MySQL)

Managed MySQL

Cloud SQL (Postgres)

Managed PostgreSQL


Cloud Storage

Object storage and serving

Cloud Storage Nearline

Archival occasional-access storage

Cloud Storage Coldline

Archival rare-access storage

Persistent Disk

VM-attached block storage

Cloud Filestore

Managed NFS server for file storage


Carrier Peering

Enterprise-grade connections through providers

Direct Peering

Connection to Google's network for your business

Dedicated Interconnect

Dedicated private network connection

Partner Interconnect

Third-party connectivity between your on-premises network and VPC

Cloud Armor

DDoS protection

Cloud CDN

Content delivery network

Cloud DNS

Programmable DNS serving

Cloud Load Balancing

Multi-region load distribution


Virtual private network connection

Network Service Tiers

Price versus performance tiering

Virtual Private Cloud

Software-defined networking

Security and identity

Access Transparency

Cloud provider access auditing

Binary Authorization

Kubernetes deploy-time security

Cloud Data Loss Prevention API

Automatic classification and redaction of sensitive data

Cloud IAM

Resource access control

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy

Identity-based app sign-in

Cloud Key Management Service

Hosted key management service

Resource Manager

Cloud project metadata management

Cloud Security Scanner

App Engine security scanner

Security Key Enforcement

Two-step key verification


SAP Netweaver

ERP application platform


In-memory relational database


Adaptive Server Enterprise RDBMS

SAP Business One

ERP for small businesses



IBM DB2 for SAP NetWeaver

IBM database for SAP NetWeaver

Migration to GCP

Google Transfer Appliance

Rentable, rackable storage server

Storage Transfer Service

Cloud-to-cloud transfers

BigQuery Data Transfer Service

Automated data-analytics import


Lift-and-shift VM Migration

Media solutions


Video publishing and monetization

Zync Render

Cloud-based 3D rendering

Internet of Things

Cloud IoT Core

Device management and data ingestion

Open source

Apache Beam

Batch and streaming data processing


RPC Framework


Secure container runtime


Secure connection and control of services


Serverless framework for Kubernetes


ML workflows on Kubernetes


Manage containerized applications


Cloud-native observability framework


ML framework

Developer tools

Cloud SDK


Cloud Build

CI/CD platform

Cloud Source Repositories

Hosted private Git repos

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ

IntelliJ GCP tools

Cloud Tools for PowerShell

PowerShell GCP tools

Cloud Tools for Visual Studio

Visual Studio GCP tools

Cloud Tools for Eclipse

Eclipse GCP tools

Container Registry

Private container registry and storage

Gradle App Engine Plugin

App Engine plugin for Gradle

Maven App Engine Plugin

App Engine plugin for Maven

Management tools

Cloud APIs

APIs for cloud services

Cloud Billing

Billing and cost-management tools

Cloud Billing API

Programmatic management of GCP billing

Cloud Console

Web-based management console

Cloud Deployment Manager

Templated infrastructure deployment

Cloud Shell

Browser-based command-line tool

Stackdriver Debugger

Live production debugging

Stackdriver Error Reporting

App error reporting

Stackdriver Logging

Centralized logging

Stackdriver Monitoring

Infrastructure and application monitoring

Stackdriver Profiler

CPU and heap profiling

Stackdriver Trace

Application performance insights

API platform and ecosystems

API Analytics

API metrics

API Monetization

Revenue generation for API usage

Apigee API Platform

Full lifecycle API management platform

Apigee Sense

API protection from attacks

Cloud Endpoints

Cloud API gateway

Developer Portal

API management portal

GCP Marketplace

Partner and open source marketplace

Other Google Cloud products

Google Maps Platform
Google Maps Platform

Static and dynamic mapping APIs


Rapid development of mobile apps

Gmail  Docs  Drive  Calendar
G Suite

Intelligent app suite

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