Dialogflow CX Phone Gateway

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The Dialogflow CX phone gateway feature provides a telephone interface to your agent. It is used to build conversational IVR (interactive voice response) solutions that integrate with the rest of your call center network. With the phone gateway, you can select a telephone number hosted by Google and connect it to your agent.


The following limitations apply:

  • This integration currently works only with agents created in the global region.
  • Only US phone numbers are supported.
  • There are quotas and limits for this feature. If you receive a busy signal or the call drops, you may have exceeded your quota.

Supported languages

The Dialogflow CX phone gateway feature supports all languages that provide both STT and TTS.

Set up a phone gateway

To set up your gateway, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dialogflow CX Console. Choose your GCP project and select your agent.
  2. Select the Manage tab. Click Integrations in the left sidebar menu and click Try it for CX Phone Gateway.
  3. Click +Create.
    1. Select the country code for the phone number.
    2. Optional. Select preferred area codes.
    3. Click Request.
  4. Select a number.
    1. Choose a telephony number from the list.
    2. Enter a display name for configuring the conversation profile associated with the phone number.
    3. Optional. Click Show more settings and update the settings.
    4. Click Save.
  5. Completion:
    1. The gateway is now active.
    2. You can click the phone number under the Phone Numbers page to check and update settings.

Call the telephone number

You can now call the number and follow the simple voice prompts. If the agent reaches end session state, the call ends.

Retrieve caller phone number

You can retrieve the caller_id value from the payload field.

Play pre-recorded audio

You can use fulfillment options to play pre-recorded audio. The audio must contain a single channel (mono) of μ-law encoded audio at 8kHz and be hosted on Cloud Storage.

Transfer a call

You can use fulfillment options to transfer a call.

Webhook request payload

If you have configured a webhook, this integration will populate the WebhookRequest.payload field with the caller ID of the end-user. The format looks like the following:

"payload": {
  "telephony": {
    "caller_id": "+18558363987"

Delete a number

You can click the Delete icon of a phone number to delete that number.

Delete an agent

You can delete agents by deleting your GCP project. If you want to keep using your GCP project, you must delete all the phone numbers associated with your phone gateway agent before you delete the agent.

Please see Delete a number section for phone number deletion.