Continuous tests and deployment

The continuous tests feature automatically runs a set of test cases configured for an environment to verify the intended behavior of the flow versions in that environment.

To prevent a bad version from becoming live in the environment, you can also use continuous deployment to run the same set of verification tests before deploying a flow version to the environment.

Manage continuous tests and deployment

To manage continuous tests and deployment:


  1. Open the Dialogflow CX Console.

  2. Choose your GCP project.

  3. Select your agent.

  4. Click the Manage tab.

  5. Click CI/CD.

  6. Select an environment from the Environment name dropdown menu.

  7. Click the Continuous tests tab. The Test Cases tab opens by default.

  8. In the Select test cases dropdown, select a predefined test case to add to the continuous testing set.

  9. In the Settings tab, the Continuous test toggle should be on by default. To add continuous deployment, click the Continuous deployment toggle.

To view the results of daily continuous tests for an environment, click the Continuous tests tab, then Results.

To view whether continuous testing is enabled for an environment, click Environments under the Manage tab. For each environment, the continuous testing status is under the Continuous Test column.


See the runContinuousTest and deployFlow methods for the Environments type.

Select a protocol and version for the Environment reference:

Protocol V3 V3beta1
REST Environment resource Environment resource
RPC Environment interface Environment interface
C++ EnvironmentsClient Not available
C# EnvironmentsClient Not available
Go EnvironmentsClient Not available
Java EnvironmentsClient EnvironmentsClient
Node.js EnvironmentsClient EnvironmentsClient
PHP Not available Not available
Python EnvironmentsClient EnvironmentsClient
Ruby Not available Not available