Session entities

A session represents a conversation between a Dialogflow agent and an end-user. You can create special entities, called session entities, or user entities, during a session. Session entities can extend or replace custom entity types and only exist during the session that they were created for. All session data, including session entities, is stored by Dialogflow for 30 minutes.

For example, if your agent has a @fruit entity type that includes "pear" and "grape", that entity type could be updated to include "apple" or "orange", depending on the information your agent collects from the end-user. The updated entity type would have the "apple" or "orange" entity entry for the rest of the session.

Managing session entities with the API

To manage session entities with the API, use the methods for the SessionEntity type.

Select a protocol and version for the SessionEntityType reference:

Protocol V3 V3beta1
REST SessionEntityType resource SessionEntityType resource
RPC SessionEntityType interface SessionEntityType interface
C++ SessionEntityTypesClient Not available
C# SessionEntityTypesClient Not available
Go SessionEntityTypesClient Not available
Java SessionEntityTypesClient SessionEntityTypesClient
Node.js SessionEntityTypesClient SessionEntityTypesClient
PHP Not available Not available
Python SessionEntityTypesClient SessionEntityTypesClient
Ruby Not available Not available