Agent collaboration

You can collaborate with multiple team members to build an agent in the Dialogflow CX Console. See the access control guide for instructions on providing team members with access.

Auto sync

If multiple users view an agent at the same time, a list of icons in the top toolbar displays the users who are currently viewing or editing the agent.

When multiple users save changes to the same agent, either through the Dialogflow CX Console or the Dialogflow CX API, the auto sync feature automatically and instantly displays the changes across all users' Dialogflow CX Console instances.

If another user makes a change to a resource you are currently editing, a banner notification offers you two options:

  • Click Keep editing to keep your unsaved changes.

  • Click Refresh to load the most recent update to the resource. Refreshing the page erases your unsaved changes.

You can view a log of changes made to your agent on the Change history page.