Long-running operations

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Some methods of the Dialogflow API return a long-running operation. These methods are asynchronous, and the operation may not be completed when the method returns a response. You can check on the status, wait for completion, or cancel operations.

Wait for an operation to complete

The following shows how to wait for an operation to complete.


To poll an operation's status, call the get method for the Operations resource. When the operation has completed, the done field is set to true.

Before using any of the request data, make the following replacements:

  • REGION_ID: your region ID
  • PROJECT_ID: your Google Cloud project ID
  • OPERATION_ID: your operation ID

HTTP method and URL:

GET https://REGION_ID-dialogflow.googleapis.com/v3/projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/REGION_ID/operations/OPERATION_ID

To send your request, expand one of these options:

You should receive a JSON response similar to the following:

  "name": "projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/REGION_ID/operations/OPERATION_ID",
  "metadata": {
    "@type": "type.googleapis.com/google.cloud.dialogflow.v3.SomeOperationType",
    "state": "DONE"
  "done": true,


import com.google.api.gax.longrunning.OperationFuture;
import com.google.cloud.dialogflow.cx.v3.AgentName;
import com.google.cloud.dialogflow.cx.v3.AgentsClient;
import com.google.cloud.dialogflow.cx.v3.AgentsSettings;
import com.google.cloud.dialogflow.cx.v3.ExportAgentRequest;
import com.google.cloud.dialogflow.cx.v3.ExportAgentResponse;
import com.google.protobuf.Struct;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException;

public class ExportAgent {

  public static void main(String[] args)
      throws IOException, InterruptedException, ExecutionException {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    String projectId = "my-project-id";
    String agentId = "my-agent-id";
    String location = "my-location";

    exportAgent(projectId, agentId, location);

  public static void exportAgent(String projectId, String agentId, String location)
      throws IOException, InterruptedException, ExecutionException {

    // Sets the api endpoint to specified location
    String apiEndpoint = String.format("%s-dialogflow.googleapis.com:443", location);

    AgentsSettings agentsSettings = AgentsSettings.newBuilder().setEndpoint(apiEndpoint).build();
    // Note: close() needs to be called on the AgentsClient object to clean up resources
    // such as threads. In the example below, try-with-resources is used,
    // which automatically calls close().
    try (AgentsClient agentsClient = AgentsClient.create(agentsSettings)) {
      ExportAgentRequest request =
              .setName(AgentName.of(projectId, location, agentId).toString())

      // Returns a future of the operation
      OperationFuture<ExportAgentResponse, Struct> future =

      // get the export agent response after the operation is completed
      ExportAgentResponse response = future.get();


const {AgentsClient, protos} = require('@google-cloud/dialogflow-cx');

const api_endpoint = `${location}-dialogflow.googleapis.com`;

const client = new AgentsClient({apiEndpoint: api_endpoint});

const exportAgentRequest =
  new protos.google.cloud.dialogflow.cx.v3.ExportAgentRequest();

exportAgentRequest.name = `projects/${projectId}/locations/${location}/agents/${agentId}`;

// exportAgent call returns a promise to a long running operation
const [operation] = await client.exportAgent(exportAgentRequest);

// Waiting for the long running opporation to finish
const [response] = await operation.promise();

// Prints the result of the operation when the operation is done


from google.cloud.dialogflowcx_v3.services.agents.client import AgentsClient
from google.cloud.dialogflowcx_v3.types.agent import ExportAgentRequest

def export_long_running_agent(project_id, agent_id, location):

    api_endpoint = f"{location}-dialogflow.googleapis.com:443"
    client_options = {"api_endpoint": api_endpoint}

    agents_client = AgentsClient(client_options=client_options)

    export_request = ExportAgentRequest()

    export_request.name = (

    # export_agent returns a long running operation
    operation = agents_client.export_agent(request=export_request)

    # Returns the result of the operation when the operation is done
    return operation.result()