Release Notes

January, 2018

MySQL 5.6 minor version upgraded to 5.6.36.

Support for northamerica-northeast1 region (Montréal).

Connection limits for PostgreSQL instances changed. Learn more.

November, 2017

Beta support for the high availability configuration and replication for PostgreSQL instances.

October, 2017

Support for asia-south1 region (Mumbai).

Proxy version 1.11 released.

September, 2017

Support for 64-core machine types for MySQL instances and 64 cores for PostgreSQL instances.

Support for southamerica-east1 region (São Paulo).

August, 2017

Support for europe-west3 region (Frankfurt).

June, 2017

Support for labels.

Proxy version 1.10 released.

Support for australia-southeast1 region (Sydney).

Support for europe-west2 region (London).

Support for the following PostgreSQL extensions: btree-gin, btree-gist, chkpass, citext, cube, dict_int, dict_xsyn, earthdistance, intagg, intarray, isn, ltree, pgstattuple, pg_trgm, tablefunc, tsm_system_rows, tsm_system_time, unaccent, uuid-ossp.

May, 2017

GA support for Second Generation and PostgreSQL instances in version 157.0.0 of the gcloud command-line tool. The beta version is no longer required for these instances.

Support for us-west1 region (Oregon).

Support for us-east4 region (Northern Virginia).

April, 2017

Proxy version 1.09 released.

March, 2017

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Beta availability.

To provide feedback on the beta release, go to our Cloud SQL user forum.

Support for 32-core machine types for MySQL instances.

Support for making MySQL general and slow query log files available through the Stackdriver Log Viewer.

February, 2017

To view instance monitoring information, either on the Instance Overview page or through Stackdriver, you must have at least one legacy role (Viewer, Editor, or Owner).

December, 2016

Support for administration of users and databases for Second Generation instances in the Google Cloud Platform Console and the Cloud SQL API.

November, 2016

Support for Northeastern Asia Pacific region (asia-northeast1).

MySQL 5.7 minor version upgraded to 5.7.14.

August, 2016

Cloud SQL Second Generation General Availability.

Smaller instances support fewer connections.
The db-g1-small and db--f1-micro machine types do not handle more than 500 concurrent connections. If you need more than 500 concurrent connections, use a db-n1-standard-1 or larger machine type.

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