Editing instances

After you create an instance, you can edit the instance at any time to change its settings. For information about instance settings and how changing settings can impact an instance, see Instance Settings.

To edit an instance:


  1. Go to the Cloud SQL Instances page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

    Go to the Cloud SQL Instances page

  2. Select an instance to edit by clicking the instance name.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Make your changes to the instance settings.

    Learn more about instance settings.

  5. Click Save to apply your changes.


Use the instances patch command and specify the flags for the settings you want to edit.

For example, the following command modifies the backup start time.

gcloud sql instances patch [INSTANCE_NAME] --backup-start-time 16:00

If the patch modifies a value that requires your instance to be restarted, you will be prompted to proceed with the change or cancel.

For details about all the options you can specify in the instances patch command, run gcloud sql instances patch --help or see the instances patch command in the Cloud SDK documentation.

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