Contact Center AI

Serve customers better with AI that talks, understands, and interacts

Deliver exceptional customer service with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI, artificial intelligence that converses naturally with customers and expertly assists human agents on more complex cases. The result? Increased operational efficiency and personalized, intuitive customer care from the first “Hello,” all while seamlessly integrating with existing contact center technology.

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  • Serves 30+ million customers as one of UK’s biggest brands

  • 50% decrease in store call volume

  • 7 million+ calls routed through Contact Center AI’s Dialogflow

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Solution details

The heart of Contact Center AI is its conversational core, whose human-like interactions are redefining the possibilities of AI-powered conversation.

Understand what customers say with Speech-to-Text

Speech-to-Text uses the most advanced deep-learning algorithms to perform speech recognition with exceptional accuracy. It understands what customers are saying regardless of how they phrase statements, what vocabulary they use, or what accent they have.

Respond naturally with Text-to-Speech

Text-to-Speech provides automated customer service that pushes the conversation along, rather than frustrating the person on the other end. It helps you communicate with your customers in a natural, conversational manner across channels.

Take action with Dialogflow

Identify customer intent and determine what to say and do next. Join more than one million developers in using Dialogflow, the world-class development suite for building natural and rich conversational experiences across multiple channels.

Contact Center AI’s conversational core powers three key features.

Virtual Agent

Gives customers 24/7 access to immediate conversational self-service, with seamless handoffs to human agents for more complex issues.

Agent Assist

Empowers human agents with continuous support during their calls by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance.


Uses natural language processing to identify call drivers and sentiment that helps contact center managers learn about customer interactions to improve call outcomes.

Key benefits

Foster relationships, not just transactions

Provide personalized support, immediate service, and quick issue resolution, turning individual transactions into continued customer loyalty.

Increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Improve call deflection rates, achieve shorter handling times, and reduce agent training costs, while making overall operations faster and more effective.

Turn every agent into a specialist

Free up your support agents to take care of more difficult and specialized calls. By automating more mundane tasks and providing your agents with real time information, workflows, and turn-by-turn guidance, Contact Center AI empowers them to provide more specialized customer care.

Accelerate implementation and time to market

Our technology and partner ecosystem help seamlessly integrate Contact Center AI into your existing systems. And once you’ve implemented, you can start seeing results in as little as three to six months.

Contact Center AI partners

Contact Center AI is designed to easily integrate into existing technology, and offers a vast global network that helps teams with development, deployment, consulting, support, training, and more.

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