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Persistent Disk

Persistent Disk

Reliable, high-performance block storage for virtual machine instances. Enterprise scale, limitless flexibility, and competitive price for performance.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Persistent Disk.


Block storage that is easy to deploy and scale

No volumes, no striping, no sizing—just disks. Stop the headache of dealing with partitioning, redundant disk arrays, or subvolume management. Scale up or down as needed, and only pay for what you use.

Industry-leading price and performance

HDD offers low-cost storage when bulk throughput is of primary importance. SSD offers consistently high performance for both random-access workloads and bulk throughput. Both types can be sized up to 64 TB.

Flexibility that comes with no downtime

Attach multiple persistent disks to Compute Engine or GKE instances simultaneously. Configure quick, automatic, incremental backups or resize storage on the fly without disrupting your application.

Key features

Key features

High-performance block storage for any workload

Persistent Disk performance scales with the size of the disk and with the number of vCPUs on your VM instance. Choose from the range of disk performance options that fit your business goals, and only pay for the storage you use.

Durability and availability that keep your business running

Persistent Disks are designed for durability. We automatically store your data redundantly to ensure the highest level of data integrity. Whether you're worried about planned maintenance or unexpected failures, we ensure your data is available, and your business stays uninterrupted. 

Automatic security and encryption

Automatically encrypt your data before it travels outside of your instance to Persistent Disk storage. Each Persistent Disk remains encrypted with system-defined keys or with customer-supplied keys. Google distributes Persistent Disk data across multiple physical disks, ensuring the ultimate level of security. When a disk is deleted, we discard the keys, rendering the data irretrievable.

Data protection for business continuity

Protect your data with cross-zone synchronous replication, cross-region asynchronous replication, disk snapshots, and disk clones to ensure that data is recoverable when and where you need it. Replicating data to multiple points of presence gives your workload higher resilience and allows you to implement a multi-zone or multi-region business continuity strategy.

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By using Persistent Disks we got very easy differential backups with Snapshots. Coming from a world where we did full backups every single day, this improved our backup times from two to three hours down to three minutes.

Jeremy Tinley, Senior Staff Systems Architect

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