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Break free from data silos with Dataplex’s intelligent data fabric that enables organizations to centrally manage, monitor, and govern their data across data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts with consistent controls, providing access to trusted data and powering analytics at scale.

  • Unified metadata-led data management through a single pane of glass 

  • Centralized security and governance enabling distributed ownership with global control

  • Built-in data intelligence to unify distributed data without data movement

  • An open platform with support for open source tools and a robust partner ecosystem  


Freedom of choice

Get the freedom to store data where you want for the best price and performance while choosing the best analytics tools, open source or cloud native, to accelerate the entire analytics lifecycle.

Intelligent automation

Built-in data intelligence using Google’s best-in-class AI/ML capabilities that automate data discovery, metadata harvesting, data lifecycle management, and data quality to reduce management costs.

Unified governance

Enable standardization and unification of metadata, security policies, governance, and data classification for consistency across distributed data.

Key features

Key features

Centralized security and governance

Central policy management, monitoring, and auditing for data authorization and classification. Distributed data ownership with global monitoring and governance across data and related artifacts including machine learning models. 

Metadata management

Automate data discovery, classification, schema detection, metadata harvesting and registration of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across data silos with built-in data intelligence. Readily access this data from a variety of analytics and data science tools.

Data quality

Automate data quality across distributed data and enable out-of-box access to data you can trust. Make data quality an integral part of your DataOps.

Data lifecycle management

Logically organize your data that spans multiple storage services into business-specific domains using Dataplex lakes and data zones. Manage, curate, tier, and archive your data easily with one-click. 

Built for distributed data

Unify your data without movement or duplication. Leave your data where it is to minimize cost and maximize performance.


Learn from customers using Dataplex


"We have PBs of data stored in Google Cloud, accessed by 1,000s of internal users daily. Dataplex enables us to deliver a business domain-specific, self-service data platform across distributed data, with decentralized data ownership but centralized governance and visibility. We are very excited to adopt Dataplex as a central component for building a unified data mesh across our analytics data."

Saral Jain, Director of Engineering, Snap Inc

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Google Cloud Basics
How Dataplex works

As you identify new data sources, Dataplex harvests the metadata for both structured and unstructured data, using built-in data quality checks to enhance integrity.

How to get started with Dataplex

Logically organize your data stored into lakes and zones, and automate data management and governance across that data to power analytics at scale.

Best Practice
Dataplex best practices

Follow up these best practices to optimize your Dataplex experience.

APIs & Libraries
Cloud Dataplex API

Use Dataplex API to manage the lifecycle of data lakes.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Build a data mesh architecture

Build a business domain-specific data mesh architecture across data in Cloud Storage and BigQuery using Dataplex. Enable decentralized ownership of data while still centrally managing, monitoring, and governing data across your enterprise and making this data securely accessible to a variety of analytics and data science tools. 



Dataplex pricing is based on pay-as-you-go usage, including:

- Dataplex Processing (metered by Data Compute Unit, DCU), which covers data discovery and data exploration features in Dataplex. 1 DCU is comparable to 1 vCPU and 4GB of RAM.

- Dataplex Shuffle Storage (GB per month), which covers disk storage needs to support data exploration in Dataplex.


Partnering with industry leaders

We are working with industry leading data analytics providers so Dataplex can quickly integrate with your existing data analytics investments.