The App Engine Standard Environment

The App Engine standard environment is based on container instances running on Google's infrastructure. Containers are preconfigured with one of several available runtimes.

The App Engine standard environment makes it easy to build and deploy an application that runs reliably even under heavy load and with large amounts of data.

Applications run in a secure, sandboxed environment, allowing the App Engine standard environment to distribute requests across multiple servers, and scaling servers to meet traffic demands. Your application runs within its own secure, reliable environment that is independent of the hardware, operating system, or physical location of the server.

Standard environment languages and runtimes

The standard environment supports the following languages:

Instance classes

Each application running in the standard environment has an instance class, which determines its compute resources and pricing. This table summarizes the memory and CPU limits of the various instance classes. See the pricing page for billing information.

Instance Class Memory Limit CPU Limit Supported Scaling Types
F1 (default) 128 MB 600 MHz automatic
F2 256 MB 1.2 GHz automatic
F4 512 MB 2.4 GHz automatic
F4_1G 1024 MB 2.4 GHz automatic
B1 128 MB 600 MHz manual, basic
B2 (default) 256 MB 1.2 GHz manual, basic
B4 512 MB 2.4 GHz manual, basic
B4_1G 1024 MB 2.4 GHz manual, basic
B8 1024 MB 4.8 GHz manual, basic

Quotas and limits

The App Engine standard environment gives you 1 GB of data storage and traffic for free, which can be increased by enabling paid applications. However, some features impose limits unrelated to quotas to protect the stability of the system. For more details on quotas, including how you can edit them to suit your needs, see Quotas.