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Migrate and modernize Microsoft workloads on Google Cloud

A first-class experience for Windows workloads. Self-manage or leverage managed services. Use license-included images or bring your own. Migrate, optimize, and modernize with enterprise-class support backed by Microsoft.


Simplify your modernization journey from Windows

Start with migration

Migrate to increase IT agility and reduce on-premises footprint. Tools like Migrate to Virtual Machines and Migrate to Containers can help migrate and upgrade.

Optimize license usage to reduce cost

Optimize VM usage. Managed SQL Server and Active Directory reduce total cost of ownership. Move .NET to .NET core. Move SQL Server to Linux.

Modernize to reduce single-vendor dependency

Create an open path to modernization—containerization of Windows server, cloud-native development, and multi-cloud readiness with Anthos. 

Looking for a fast, frictionless way to test things out? Check out our Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud Simulation Center

You can also get the latest news about Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud via our blog.

Key features

Drive a strategy for migration, optimization, and modernization

Plan for the future while reducing your Microsoft licensing dependency. Get all you need to migrate, optimize, and modernize your legacy platform.

Bring your own licenses

In addition to on-demand licenses, Google Cloud provides you with flexibility for bringing your existing licenses and running them on Compute Engine. Use Sole-Tenant Nodes to run on dedicated hardware with configurable maintenance policies to support your on-premises licenses while maintaining workload uptime and security through host-level live migration.

License-included VM images

You can deploy your Windows applications (including SQL Server) on our fully tested images with bundled licenses on Compute Engine and take advantage of many benefits available to virtual machine instances such as reliable storage options, the speed of the Google network, and autoscaling.

Enterprise-class support backed by Microsoft on Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides enterprise-class support for Windows workloads. Our experts have the backing of Microsoft Premier Support for Partners to help you solve any challenge.

If your operating system reaches end-of-support, you can purchase Extended Security Updates (ESUs) to get critical security patches and use them on your instances.

Fully managed SQL server and active directory

Get fully managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server and the Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory with built-in patching, backups, regular maintenance, and licensing included.

Windows on Kubernetes

Running your Windows Server containers on GKE can save you on licensing costs, as you can pack many Windows Server containers on each Windows node.

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Reduce license cost and help increase agility, security, and scalability


System integrators help migrate and run Windows applications from on-premises to Google Cloud. Technology partners have validated their product to work on Google Cloud. 


Explore common use cases

The first step on the path to modernization is to migrate your Windows workloads to Google Cloud. To help you with this journey, here are some detailed guides, managed services, and resources.

Google Cloud Basics
Run Windows Server on Google Cloud

Read how you can leverage reliable storage options, Google’s network, and autoscaling when you run Windows applications on Compute Engine.

Run Microsoft SQL Server workloads on Google Cloud

Bring your existing SQL Server licenses and run them on Google Cloud using Compute Engine.

Run Microsoft Windows applications on Google Cloud

Migrate and deploy Windows-server based and .NET applications on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Skills Boost Quest: Windows on Google Cloud

Get hands-on practice running many of the popular Windows services in Google Cloud.

APIs & Libraries
Use Visual Studio and Powershell

Build and deploy applications to Google Cloud using Visual Studio and Powershell.

Virtual Desktops

Enable and accelerate the shift to remote work flexibly and securely.

Host .NET applications on Cloud Run

Run a .NET application on Cloud Run that persists data to Firestore, stores files in Cloud Storage, and monitors your logs and errors.

Deploy ASP.NET in Containers

Host legacy ASP.NET applications with Windows Authentication on Windows containers on GKE.