Viewing account information

In the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal, the Account section provides summarized information about your VMware Engine configuration, settings for email and operator access, and a list of portal users. When necessary, you can also request a new portal user account.

View account information

To view account information in your VMware Engine environment, follow these steps:

  1. Access the VMware Engine portal and select Account.
  2. Select the tab of the information you're interested in. For example, you can select Users to view a list of portal users.

Summary page

Select Summary to view information about your company's VMware Engine configuration. The summary page shows the current capacity of your cloud configuration, including the number of private clouds, total storage, vSphere cluster configuration, number of nodes, and number of compute cores.

Set up email alerts

Add the email addresses of any people you would like to notify about changes to the private cloud configuration. In the Additional Alert Emails area, click Add new. Enter the email address of the person to notify and click the check symbol or press Enter. To remove an entry, click X.

Enable operator access

The operator access setting lets Google help you with troubleshooting by permitting a support engineer to sign in to your VMware Engine portal. This setting is enabled by default.

All actions performed by the support engineer when logged in to your customer account are recorded and available for your review on the Activity > Audit page.

To turn access on or off, toggle Operator access enabled on or off.

View the list of portal users

When users first access the VMware Engine portal, they are added to the user list. To view the list of users who have access to the portal, click the Users tab.

  • To download the user list as a CSV file, click Download as CSV.
  • To view details for a specific user, click an entry on the Users page.
  • To view an audit log of activity for a user, select the Audit log tab.
  • To toggle user access to the portal, click the Locked toggle when displaying the user details. When the account is unlocked, the user can access the portal. When the account is locked, access to the portal is blocked.

Request a portal user account

To request a new user account for the VMware Engine portal, open the Users tab, and click Add new user. Provide the name, email address, and company for the new user account, and click Submit. The accounts will be contacted within 48 hours to complete the request.

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