Managing user accounts

In the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal, the Account section provides summarized information about your VMware Engine configuration, settings for email and operator access, and a list of portal users. When necessary, you can also request a new portal user account.

You control access to the VMware Engine portal using IAM roles and permissions. Users with VMware Engine Service Viewer and VMware Engine Service Admin roles can access the VMware Engine portal. Users with the basic roles Owner, Editor, and Viewer can access the VMware Engine portal.

View account summary

To view a summary of account information in your VMware Engine environment, access the VMware Engine portal and go to Account.

The Summary page presents you with information about your VMware Engine configuration and basic settings. For example, you can view the total storage and memory capacity of your private cloud configuration.

Set up email alerts

You can have VMware Engine notify a user about changes to your private cloud configuration. To add a user to notify, find the Additional Alert Emails section and click Add new. Enter the email address of the user to notify and click the check symbol or press Enter.

Enable operator access

The operator access setting lets Google help you with troubleshooting. When enabled, you allow service operations personnel to sign in to your VMware Engine portal when you submit a support ticket to help fix problems you report.

All actions performed by the support engineer when logged in to your customer account are recorded and available for your review on the Activity > Audit page.

To turn access on or off, toggle Operator access enabled on or off. Operator access is disabled by default.

Manage portal users

When users first access the VMware Engine portal, they are added to the user list. To view the list of users who have access to the portal, select the Users tab.

  • To download the user list as a CSV file, click Download as CSV.
  • To view details for a specific user, select an entry on the Users page.
  • To view an audit log of activity for a user, select the Audit log tab on the user's details page.

Disable a user account

You can prevent a user from accessing the VMware Engine portal by disabling their account. To change the status of a user account, go to the user details page and toggle Disable user on or off.

The user continues to have access to the console. Disabling a user only prevents the user from accessing the VMware Engine portal.

Delete a user account

You can delete a user account from VMware Engine. The user is deleted only from VMware Engine. The user isn't deleted from Google Cloud and can access different services based on their roles and assigned permissions. If you delete a user from VMware Engine and do not change the roles and permissions from Google Cloud, that user can still access the VMware Engine portal.

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