Public IP addresses

A public IP address lets internet resources communicate inbound to private cloud resources at a private IP address. The private IP address is a virtual machine (VM) or a software load balancer on your private cloud vCenter. The public IP address lets you expose services running on your private cloud to the internet.

The public IP address is dedicated to the private IP address until you unassign it. A public IP address can only be assigned to one private IP address.

A resource associated with a public IP address always uses the public IP address for internet access. By default, only outbound internet access is allowed on a public IP address. Incoming traffic on the public IP address is denied. To allow inbound traffic, create a firewall rule for the public IP address to the specific port.


Allocating a public IP address to a resource provides the following benefits:

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack prevention. This protection is automatically enabled for the public IP address.
  • Always-on traffic monitoring and real-time mitigation of common network- level attacks.
  • Protection and mitigation of attacks across the entire scale of the global network. The network can be used to distribute and mitigate attack traffic across regions.

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