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What is Google Cloud Storage?

Google Cloud Storage allows world-wide storage and retrieval of any amount of data at any time. From a browser, the command line, or your favorite programming language, you can take advantage of Google's own reliable and fast networking infrastructure to perform data operations in a cost effective manner. When you need to expand, you benefit from the scalability provided by Google's infrastructure.

Google Cloud Storage enables you to store your data on Google's infrastructure with very high reliability, performance and availability. You can use Google Cloud Storage for a range of scenarios including serving website content, storing data for archival and disaster recovery, or distributing large data objects to users via direct download.

Store your data

  • Store large or unstructured data objects that can be terabytes in size.

  • Choose a storage class and location to find the right balance of availability, latency, and price for your data. For frequently accessed data, use the Standard Storage class. For infrequently accessed data, use the Nearline Storage class.

  • Organize your data into containers called buckets. There is no limit on the amount of data or number of objects that you can store in a bucket.

Upload your data

Manage your data

  • Use access control lists (ACLs) to share data with specific Google account holders, a Google group, a Google-hosted domain, or even the entire world.

  • Work with your data as a filesystem on Linux or OS X systems using GCS Fuse.

  • Configure your data as a static website or configure your data as static assets for a dynamic website.

  • Build applications around your data using OAuth 2.0 user-centric (user-consent) and server-centric (server-to-server) authorization and authentication flows.

  • Access your data immediately with Google Cloud Storage's strong global consistency for all read-after-write, read-after-update, and read-after-delete operations, including both data and metadata.

Get started

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