Prepare an offline installation of Anthos Service Mesh

This page explains how to prepare offline installations of Anthos Service Mesh on supported platforms other than GKE on Google Cloud.

When running the asmcli tool to install Anthos Service Mesh, it uses a local directory to store configuration and artifacts. By default, a temporary directory is created when executing the tool. However, you can specify a directory using the --output_dir option on the command line. If the directory already exists with the necessary configuration and artifacts, they will be reused instead of re-downloading anything.

To perform an offline installation of Anthos Service Mesh, you can generate a configuration package on a machine with Internet access, and then distribute that package to other machines without internet access. Then, use the subcommand asmcli build-offline-package to generate configuration packages.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure that you:

Offline installation of Anthos Service Mesh

The following outlines how to prepare an offline installation of Anthos Service Mesh:

  1. On the machine with Internet access that you installed Anthos Service Mesh, create a package and then save it to the folder DIR_PATH:

    ./asmcli build-offline-package \
    --output_dir DIR_PATH
  2. Copy the configuration directory and asmcli tool to the offline machine.

  3. Follow the normal instructions for installing Anthos Service Mesh. Wherever the instructions specify to run asmcli install, ensure that you also pass the --offline flag and specify the configuration directory created in the previous steps:

      ./asmcli install \
      --output_dir DIR_PATH \
      --project_id PROJECT_ID \
      --cluster_location CLUSTER_LOCATION \
      --cluster_name CLUSTER_NAME \

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