Resolving issues enabling Anthos Service Mesh through Google Cloud console

This section explains common Anthos Service Mesh problems and how to resolve them. If you need additional assistance, see Getting support.

Ensure you have sufficient permissions

To enable Anthos Service Mesh while creating a GKE cluster, you must have all of the following roles:

For information on granting roles, see Grant or revoke a single role.

Failed to enable Anthos Service Mesh during GKE cluster creation

When you choose to enable Anthos Service Mesh while creating a GKE cluster, it is possible that the cluster is created, but Anthos Service Mesh enablement fails. If the Anthos Service Mesh enablement fails, the Google Cloud console displays a message: "Anthos Service Mesh installation failed."

Installation will be retried every 15 minutes, but will not update the error message. Run the following command on your cluster to check current status (once every 15 minutes):

kubectl get ControlPlaneRevision -n istio-system -o=jsonpath='{.items[*].status.conditions[?(@.type=="Reconciled")].status}'

If the output is True, then Anthos Service Mesh installation has succeeded. If you get any other output then installation has failed, and you can run the CLI command to apply the Google-managed control plane.

Alternatively, you can delete the cluster and try again.