Integrating with third-party add-ons

In Anthos Service Mesh 1.8 and later, the Prometheus, Kiali, and Grafana add-ons aren't included in any Anthos Service Mesh profiles. Installation of these third-party add-ons was removed from the 1.8 IstioOperator API, which means that they can't be installed with the istioctl install command. For information on why the add-ons were removed, see Reworking our Addon Integrations.

Note, however, you can install your own instance of Prometheus, Kiali, and Grafana dashboards according to the applicable third-party documentation.

Enabling metrics export to Prometheus

To use the Prometheus, Grafana, or Kiali dashboards, Anthos Service Mesh must be configured to export metrics to Prometheus. Metrics export to Prometheus is enabled by default when you install Anthos Service Mesh on GKE on VMware or on bare metal. On these platforms, you are all set to install your own instance of the dashboards.

You can enable metrics export to Prometheus on GKE on Google Cloud clusters, but the steps for doing that differs depending on whether your clusters are in the same project or in different projects.

Same project

  1. Copy and paste the following YAML to a file called prometheus-metrics-export.yaml:

    kind: IstioOperator
          enabled: true
            enabled: true
              enabled: true
              enabled: false
  2. Follow the steps in Installing Anthos Service Mesh on GKE to use a Google-provided script to install or upgrade Anthos Service Mesh. When you run the script, include the following option:

    --custom_overlay prometheus-metrics-export.yaml

    For example:

    ./install_asm \
      --project_id PROJECT_ID \
      --cluster_name CLUSTER_NAME \
      --cluster_location CLUSTER_LOCATION \
      --mode install \
      --output_dir DIR_PATH  \
      --enable_all \
      --custom_overlay prometheus-metrics-export.yaml

    Be sure to specify any other overlay files that you need to configure Anthos Service Mesh.

  3. Complete the Anthos Service Mesh installation to enable automatic sidecar proxy injection on your workloads. For details, see Deploying and redeploying workloads.

Different projects

  1. Follow the steps in the Multi-project installation and migration on GKE to the point where you install Anthos Service Mesh.

  2. Add --set prometheus.enabled=true and --set stackdriver.enabled=false to the istioctl install command. Be sure to include any other overlay files that you need to enable optional features. For example:

    istioctl install \
      -f asm/istio/istio-operator.yaml \
      -f asm/istio/options/multiproject.yaml \
      -f asm/istio/options/multicluster.yaml\
      --set prometheus.enabled=true \
      --set stackdriver.enabled=false \
      --set revision=asm-1106-2
  3. Complete the Anthos Service Mesh installation to enable automatic sidecar proxy injection on your workloads.

Third-party documentation

You can deploy Prometheus and Grafana through the Cloud Marketplace or refer to the following documentation for installation.

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