Migrate from IstioOperator

Google-managed control plane doesn't directly support IstioOperator for customization. Migrating to Google-managed control plane from Anthos Service Mesh requires manually converting from an IstioOperator. This tool helps reduce the friction by automating that process.

About the migration tool

The migration tool non-destructively evaluates the provided IstioOperator file to:

  • Check for compatibility issues.
  • Convert compatible IstioOperator configurations to configuration supported by Google-managed control plane, outputting the new configurations to files.
  • Output warnings about configuration values that would conflict with default values required by Google-managed control plane.
  • Recommend how to use the generated files.

This tool does not examine cluster data or configurations nor does it make changes to a cluster configuration. You must separately apply all generated files.

Before using the migration tool, check the limitations on Google-managed control plane supported features to verify that Google-managed control plane supports your installation of Anthos Service Mesh.

Using the migration tool

The migration tool is available as part of the asmcli script. You must download the script to use this tool.

  1. Run the migration tool:

    asmcli experimental mcp-migrate-check -f path/to/istiooperator.yaml
  2. Note the listed files output by the tool, specifically asm/*meshconfig.yaml and asm/gateways*.

  3. Examine configuration warnings.

  4. Review the output and follow the actions required to migrate.

Unsupported MeshConfig fields

The following fields on MeshConfig are overridden by Google-managed control plane.

  • trustDomain
  • trustDomainAliases
  • configSources
  • defaultConfig.proxyMetadata - These specific fields are overridden. You can add new fields:
    • CA_ROOT_CA
  • defaultConfig.meshId
  • defaultConfig.discoveryAddress
  • defaultConfig.tracing

Example output

$ asmcli experimental mcp-migrate-check -f some-iop.yaml
asmcli: Downloading ASM..
Generating equivalent configuration for Anthos Service Mesh managed control plane...

Migrating MeshConfig settings...
✔ Wrote MeshConfig to asm-generated-configs/meshconfig.yaml.

Migrating gateway deployments...

Checking configuration compatibility...
! Found unsupported configurations:
    Components.Base: not configurable in managed control plane
    Components.Pilot: not configurable in managed control plane
    Hub=gcr.io/gke-release/asm: not configurable in managed control plane
    Tag=1.10.4-asm.6: not configurable in managed control plane

Actions required to migrate:
! Found potentially unsupported configurations; review warnings above before proceeding
- Found custom mesh configuration settings. To apply these settings to ASM managed
    control plane, run: `kubectl apply -f 'asm-generated-configs/meshconfig.yaml'`

TIP: steps recommending `kubectl apply` to be run should be integrated into your
  CI/CD pipeline, if applicable.

What's next