Cloud Pub/Sub

Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics

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Deliver event data wherever you need it

Cloud Pub/Sub is a simple, reliable, scalable foundation for stream analytics and event-driven computing systems. As part of Google Cloud’s stream analytics solution, the service ingests event streams and delivers them to Cloud Dataflow for processing and BigQuery for analysis as a data warehousing solution. Relying on the Cloud Pub/Sub service for delivery of event data frees you to focus on transforming your business and data systems with applications such as:

  • Real-time personalization in gaming
  • Fast reporting, targeting and optimization in advertising and media
  • Processing device data for healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, and logistics
  • Syndicating market-related data streams for financial services
Event data

Build multi-cloud and hybrid applications on open architecture

Syndicate data across projects and applications running on other clouds, or between cloud and on-premises apps. Cloud Pub/Sub easily fits in your existing environment via efficient client libraries for multiple languages, open REST/HTTP and gRPC service APIs, and an open source Apache Kafka connector.

Scale responsively and automatically

Scale to hundreds of millions of messages per second and pay only for the resources you use. There are no partitions or local instances to manage, reducing operational overhead. Data is automatically and intelligently distributed across data centers over our unique, high-speed private network.

Scale responsively

Bring reliability and security tools to real-time apps

Use Cloud Pub/Sub to simplify scalable, distributed systems. All published data is synchronously replicated across availability zones to ensure that messages are available to consumers for processing as soon as they are ready. Fine-grained access controls allow for sophisticated cross-team and organizational data sharing. And end-to-end encryption adds security to your pipelines.

Reliability and Security

Cloud Pub/Sub for Stream Analytics

Cloud Pub/Sub Features

At-least-once delivery
Synchronous, cross-zone message replication and per-message receipt tracking ensures at-least-once delivery at any scale.
Exactly-once processing
Cloud Dataflow supports reliable, expressive, exactly-once processing of Cloud Pub/Sub streams.
No provisioning, auto-everything
Cloud Pub/Sub does not have shards or partitions. Just set your quota, publish and consume.
Take advantage of integrations with multiple services, such as Cloud Storage and GMail update events and Cloud Functions for serverless event-driven computing.
Open APIs and client libraries in seven languages support cross-cloud and hybrid deployments.
Global by default
Publish from anywhere in the world and consume from anywhere, with consistent latency. No replication necessary.
Compliance & security
Cloud Pub/Sub is a HIPAA-compliant service, offering fine-grained access controls and end-to-end encryption.

Cloud Pub/Sub Pricing

The more you use Cloud Pub/Sub, the cheaper it gets — with no upfront costs and no fees to create or maintain topics or subscriptions.

Monthly data volume1 Price Per TB2
First 10GB $0.00
Next 50TB $60
Next 100TB $50
Beyond 150TB $40
1 For detailed pricing information, please consult the pricing guide.
2 TB refers to a tebibyte, or 240 bytes.
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.