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Ingest events for streaming into BigQuery, data lakes or operational databases.

New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Pub/Sub. All customers get up to 10 GB for ingestion or delivery of messages free per month, not charged against your credits.

  • Ingest analytic events and stream them to BigQuery with Dataflow

  • No-ops, secure, scalable messaging or queue system

  • In-order and any-order at-least-once message delivery with pull and push modes

  • Secure data with fine-grained access controls and always-on encryption 


High availability made simple

Synchronous, cross-zone message replication and per-message receipt tracking ensures reliable delivery at any scale.

No-planning, auto-everything

Auto-scaling and auto-provisioning with no partitions eliminates planning and ensures workloads are production ready from day one.

Easy, open foundation for real-time data systems

A fast, reliable way to land small records at any volume, an entry point for real-time and batch pipelines feeding BigQuery, data lakes and operational databases. Use it with ETL/ELT pipelines in Dataflow.    

Key features

Key features

Stream analytics and connectors

Native Dataflow integration enables reliable, expressive, exactly-once processing and integration of event streams in Java, Python, and SQL.

In-order delivery at scale

Optional per-key ordering simplifies stateful application logic without sacrificing horizontal scale—no partitions required.

Cost-optimized ingestion with Pub/Sub Lite

Complementing Pub/Sub, Pub/Sub Lite aims to be the lowest cost option for high-volume  event ingestion. Pub/Sub Lite offers regional or zonal storage, putting you in control of capacity management.

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What's new

What's new

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