The Google Cloud Prediction API has been deprecated and will be shut down on April 30, 2018.

Pricing and Terms of Service


This page describes the pricing schedule for using the Google Prediction API.

When charging in local currency, Google will convert the prices listed into applicable local currency pursuant to the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.

Note that some Prediction API usage scenarios depend on Google Cloud Storage, which has different pricing terms from the Prediction API.

Paid usage comes with a 99.9% availability service level agreement. Read more about the SLA here.

Monitor your usage on the Google Cloud Platform Console. The following prices and limits apply:

  • Usage fees:
    • Prediction:
      • 10,000 predictions/month: $0.00
      • 10,001+ predictions/month: $0.50/1,000 predictions beyond the initial 10,000
    • Training:
      • $0.002/MB bulk trained (maximum size of each dataset: 2.5GB)
      • 0-10,000 streaming updates: $0.00
      • 10,001+ streaming updates: $0.05/1,000 updates beyond the initial 10,000.
  • Usage limits:
    • If you intend to make more than 40,000 predictions/day, please contact us.
    • Google Prediction has a default limit of 2,000,000 predictions/day per project for your own models.
    • Hosted models have a usage limit of 100 predictions/day/user across all demonstration models. Developers can set higher paid usage limits for models they create. Please see each model's documentation for more details.

Important: These charges do not include any Google Cloud Storage fees that might be required to hold training data. Please see the pricing sheet for Google Cloud Storage to determine any additional costs that you might incur.

Terms of Service

You acknowledge that your use of the Google Prediction API is governed by the Prediction API terms of service and that you may not use the Prediction API without accepting the Prediction API terms of service.

Google reserves the right to throttle excessive usage that might threaten the availability of our service.

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