Migration and modernization tools

Migration and modernization tools are at the center of migration execution. They allow you to move your existing workloads to Google Cloud and to take advantage of Google Cloud managed services when you modernize your infrastructure.

This document presents the main tools that Google Cloud professional service teams use during migration and modernization projects.

Google Cloud tools

This table presents some of the migration and modernization tools available in Google Cloud.

Strategy Tools Source Destination Description
Lift and shift Migrate to Virtual Machines
  • On-premises VMware VMs
  • VMs from other cloud environments
Compute Engine
Tool to migrate virtual machines from on-premises and cloud environments to Google Cloud.
VMware HCX
  • On-premises VMware VMs
  • VMware VMs running in alternate clouds
Google Cloud VMware Engine Tool to migrate virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises environments to Google Cloud VMware Engine. VMware HCX abstracts vSphere-based on-premises and cloud resources and presents them to applications as one continuous resource, creating a hybrid infrastructure.
Replatform Migrate to Containers On-premises physical servers, VMs, GKE GKE, Autopilot, GKE Enterprise, Cloud Run Tool used to convert VM-based workloads into containers in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or GKE Enterprise. Workloads can be migrated from VMs running on either VMware on-premises, AWS, Azure, or Compute Engine, giving the flexibility to containerize the existing workloads with ease.
Datastream Oracle, MySQL Cloud SQL This tool is a serverless change data capture (CDC) and replication service. It lets you synchronize data across heterogeneous databases and applications reliably, and with minimal latency and downtime. Datastream supports streaming from Oracle and MySQL databases into Cloud Storage.
Database Migration Service PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server Cloud SQL This tool is a serverless service that helps migrate databases to Cloud SQL from on-premises, Compute Engine, and other clouds. Database Migration Service supports continuous data replication from source to destination for minimal downtime migration.
Refactor BigQuery Data Transfer Service Teradata, Amazon RedShift BigQuery This tool automates data movement from software-as-a-service apps to BigQuery on a scheduled, managed basis.

Based on the nature of the workloads that you want to migrate, you might want to integrate other tools with your migration tools architecture. The following list includes additional migration tools:

  • Storage Transfer Service lets you bring data to Cloud Storage from other cloud providers, online resources, or local data (for example: S3, Blob, Data Lake, on-premises file systems).
  • Transfer Appliance is a hardware appliance you can use to migrate large volumes of data (recommended for data that exceeds 20 TBs and up to 1 petabyte) to Google Cloud without disrupting business operations.
  • Image Import lets you to import virtual disks in your on-premises environment with software and configurations that you need (a.k.a. golden disks or golden images) into Google Cloud and uses the resulting image to create virtual machines. The tool supports most virtual disk file formats, including VMDK and VHD.

Third-party tools

The following list includes third-party migration tools. The list is meant as a reference only, and doesn't represent a statement of support by Google.

  • RackWare Management Module (RMM) is a fully-automated enterprise-grade migration solution that lets you migrate physical and virtual servers from any data center or public cloud into Google Cloud. It is listed in Google Cloud Marketplace, and you can purchase a license in two ways:

  • SUREedge is a tool that lets you migrate physical and virtual environments to Google Cloud when Migrate to Virtual Machines might not be a fit, for example for on-premises non-vSphere virtualized environments.

  • Data Validation Tool is an open sourced Python CLI tool based on the Ibis framework that compares heterogeneous data source tables with multi-leveled validation functions. Data validation is a critical step in a Data Warehouse, Database or Data Lake migration project.

  • HarbourBridge: Spanner Evaluation and Migration is a standalone open source tool for Spanner evaluation and migration, using data from an existing PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or DynamoDB database.

  • HBase Tools help HBase users with migrations to Bigtable.

  • Migrate Hive tables to BigQuery framework migrates data from Hive to BigQuery using Cloud SQL to keep track of the migration progress.