About infrastructure discovery and assessment

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Discovery and assessment are two related activities in the initial part of your migration journey. The ultimate goal of this phase is to gain a deep knowledge of your existing infrastructure to inform the following planning and execution phases.

How discovery works

Discovery is about finding all the components of your infrastructure, including physical machines, VMs, and databases.

Google Cloud Migration Center provides you with the tools you need to automatically scan your on-premises infrastructure to identify all of the components that you need to migrate. Finally, you can manually import data into Migration Center for further assessment. A typical discovery can take on average a few weeks to complete.

How infrastructure assessment works

After you've completed the discovery step and collected your infrastructure data into Migration Center, you can use tools such as StratoZone to help you analyze the data and obtain a holistic view of your infrastructure.

With StratoZone, you can do the following:

  • Map applications and databases to your machines.
  • Identify application and network dependencies to learn which components you must migrate together.
  • Get suggestions on the Google Cloud products to migrate your assets to, and find out the costs in advance.
  • Get personalized recommendations to reduce costs and improve performance in your Google Cloud environment.
  • Generate detailed reports on all the aspects of your assessment.

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