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Viewing Stackdriver logs

If enabled, you can take advantage of the power of Stackdriver Logging to diagnose problems with your Velostrata environment. You can also share these logs with Velostrata support to speed up problem resolution.

All Velostrata logs are sent to Stackdriver in the project that is hosting the Velostrata Manager.

Each Velostrata deployment has a unique ID, which is reflected in the Stackdriver namespace resource label.

Using the Stackdriver Logging console

The Stackdriver documentation has documentation on how to filter and search from the logging console. The directions below assume your familiarity with this interface.

Finding your Namespace

To find your Namespace id:

  1. Sign in to your Manager
  2. Click System Settings
  3. Click the Logs tab
  4. Copy the System ID (for example QWEX1234) on the bottom of page. This is your Namespace for use in Stackdriver

Filtering Stackdriver Logs

For more information on viewing Stackdriver Logs, see the documentation

  1. Go to the Logs Viewer page
  2. On the top bar of the page, verify that you have selected the correct project.
  3. In the resource-type drop-down list, select Generic Node Resource

Here you can filter for one or both of the following levels:

A. namespace, using the value you copied above. The Namespace allows you to view only the logs from your Velostrata environment.

B. Individual Velostrata components can be filtered by the following monitored_resource labels:

  • Velostrata_Manager
  • Velostrata_CloudExtensionNode
  • Velostrata_OnPremBackend
  • Velostrata_ManagedVM, which contains logs for operations Velostrata started on migrated VMs. It does not include system logs from those VMs.

For example, to filter for logs only from your Cloud Extensions, use the text box at the top of the log list and paste label:monitored_resource:Velostrata_CloudExtensionNode.

Select logs from Cloud Extensions only in Stackdriver using label:monitored_resource:Velostrata_CloudExtensionNode